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About KBi("Cabbie")

Developed since 2014

In 2014, under the careful guidance of the Singaporean regulator, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the journey of KBi began as a visionary prototype, meticulously crafted to meet LTA guidelines for vehicle safety and road approval. Pronounced "Cabbie," KBi transcends mere transportation; it embodies a lifestyle device engineered for the future of smart urban city deployment. Infused with cutting-edge technology, including smart navigation, machine learning algorithms, and a natural language system, KBi epitomizes innovation. Its advanced battery technology ensures a sustainable ride, while its ergonomic design promises ease and comfort.

As you glide through the bustling streets of your city, KBi shields you and your passengers from the elements of nature and the perils of polluted air, offering not just a ride, but a sanctuary on wheels.

KBi("Cabbie")'s Role in Advancing Smart City Design

KBi("Cabbie") plays a pivotal role in advancing smart city design by pioneering innovative solutions in urban mobility. The integration of cutting-edge technologies in the electric Cabin Motorcycle aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of shaping smarter and more connected cities. Here's how our KBi("Cabbie") contributes to the advancement of smart city design:

Intelligent Infrastructure Integration:

KBi("Cabbie")'s Smart Connectivity, facilitated by IoT technology, establishes a symbiotic relationship between vehicles and city infrastructure. Through real-time data exchange, vehicles dynamically adjust to traffic patterns, optimize routes, and enhance the overall efficiency of urban transportation systems.

Data-Driven Urban Planning:

KBi's electric vehicles harness powerful data analytics capabilities, generating a vast array of insights into user behavior, environmental factors, and vehicle performance. This wealth of data serves as a crucial asset for city planners, empowering evidence-based decision-making in the development of intelligent and sustainable urban landscapes.

Autonomous Mobility for Efficiency:

By introducing the Robotic Drive with QBo Autonomous System, KBi("Cabbie") emerges as a pivotal force in advancing autonomous mobility within smart cities, catalyzing a paradigm shift in urban transportation. These autonomous vehicles play a crucial role in alleviating traffic congestion, enhancing safety measures, and optimizing energy utilization, thereby synergizing with the overarching objectives of contemporary urban planning and design.

Predictive Maintenance for Reliability:

KBi's AI-driven Predictive Maintenance system ensures the reliability of its vehicles, predicting and preventing issues in real-time. This proactive approach contributes to a smoother operation of the transportation network, minimizing disruptions, and enhancing overall urban mobility.

User-Centric Urban Experiences:

Through User Behavior Analysis, KBi tailors its designs based on user preferences and habits, fostering individual commuting experiences that are not only enhanced but also contribute to the creation of a cityscape attuned to the needs and preferences of its inhabitants.

Eco-Friendly Transportation Ecosystem:

By conducting Environmental Impact Assessments, ALIFE AIR aligns itself with the worldwide drive for sustainability, actively participating in the global push towards a cleaner and greener urban environment. Through meticulous measurement and analysis of its vehicles' environmental footprints, ALIFE AIR contributes significantly to the ongoing efforts aimed at reducing ecological harm and promoting sustainable living in urban areas.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Model: KBi "Vigorous" T1
  • Description: T1 – L5 EEC Approved with T2 charging port, and with seat and belt. KBi Vigorous is LTA pre-approved for all Singapore roads use including all highways.
  • Motor: 3000W brushless
  • Dimensions: (2250 x 1150 x 1500) mm
  • Wheelbase: 2220 mm
  • Maximum Speed: 70 km/h (recommended)
  • Maximum Range: 150 km (in single full charge)
  • Battery specification: 60V/100AH (SODIUM ION Battery)
  • Climb: 15-20 degrees
  • Running Distance: 90-100km (Recommended)
  • Charging Adaptor: 110V / 220V (In-door / Home)
  • Charging Time: 4h (Home Charging only)
  • Charging Port: T2 / CCS2 (Europe Std)
  • Charging Time (DC Fast Charge): 30 min.
  • Wheel Size: F130/60-13 R135/70-12
  • G./N. Weight: 320/350KGS

The following technical specifications will be subject to changes depending on the requirements of regulators in the respective markets and their approved guidelines.

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