Tomorrow's Zero: Passionately Sustainable
Tomorrow's Zero: Passionately Sustainable
"Singapore Made, Globally Praised: Our Pride, Your Innovation."

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“Zero Emission represents a shift from the traditional industrial model in which wastes are considered the norm, to an integrated system in which everything has its use. It advocates an industrial transformation whereby businesses emulate the sustainable cycles found in nature and where society minimises the load it imposes on the natural resource base and learns to do more with what the earth produces.”

.......our mission.

Key features of our company culture


ALIFE AIR's ethos prioritizes promptly addressing customer, partner, and environmental needs. Our agile approach ensures swift adaptation to market demands, tech advancements, and regulatory changes for effective delivery of innovative zero-emission solutions.


Driven by our commitment to sustainability, we fervently pursue zero-emission transportation solutions, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner future. Our team's unwavering passion fuels our determination to innovate relentlessly and advocate for sustainable practices in the automotive industry.


Design excellence defines our mission as we meticulously craft zero-emission solutions with attention to detail, functionality, and aesthetics. Our user-centric approach ensures products that exceed expectations, emphasizing efficiency and elegance from concept to execution.


ALIFE AIR prioritizes customer support, fostering trust through exceptional service and transparency. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive assistance throughout the customer journey, actively listening to feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and continuously improving products and services for maximum satisfaction and success.

"Unveiling the Future: ALIFE AIR's Groundbreaking Zero Emission Fuel and Engine Innovation"

Welcome to the forefront of innovation with ALIFE AIR, where we're revolutionizing the landscape of fuel and engine technology to create a sustainable future with zero emissions. For the past five years, ALIFE AIR has been quietly pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and now, our groundbreaking developments are ready to take centre stage. Imagine a world where fuel contributes to the quality of the air we breathe—that's our vision. Our mission is to deliver affordable, clean, and sustainable energy to communities around the globe while reducing the environmental footprint of developed economies. From our pioneering utility-scale power generation and storage system in Manchester, United Kingdom, to our exciting ventures in Singapore and beyond, ALIFE AIR is leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine the possibilities of power and mobility industries.

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The Collective minds, that help runs this company


Devan Nair

CEO & Founder

Devan Nair, the Founder and CEO of ALIFE AIR, brings over three decades of comprehensive expertise, transitioning seamlessly from information technology to engineering and investing. With real-life, hands-on experience in automotive manufacturing, Devan's visionary leadership drives our company's mission forward. His extensive background uniquely positions him to navigate the complexities of the industry, steering ALIFE AIR towards innovation, growth, and success in the global market.



Lyn Chua

Director Digital Engineering

Lyn Chua, our Director of Digital Engineering, boasts two decades of diverse engineering experience spanning manufacturing, construction, and smart cities, with a strong emphasis on Digital Engineering. Specializing in simulations and technical sales, Lyn plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and overseeing product development processes at ALIFE AIR. Her expertise and leadership are instrumental in keeping us at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring continued growth and excellence in our field.



Frank Levering

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Levering, our esteemed Chief Technology Officer, brings over 30 years of experience in infocomm technology, with notable expertise in ISO 4000 compliance, product development, and marketing strategies. With a background in the auto finishing industry in Italy, Frank possesses a wealth of knowledge in production automation and market dynamics. His extensive experience positions him as a pivotal force driving technological innovation at ALIFE AIR, ensuring our products consistently meet high standards of quality, efficiency, and market relevance.



Dr. Paul Moller

(Consulting) Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Paul Moller, a visionary innovator in aviation and engineering, joins ALIFE AIR as our Consulting Chief Innovation Officer, leveraging decades of groundbreaking work in transportation solutions. Founder of Supertrapp Industries and developer of the Skycar, Dr. Moller's commitment to innovation remains unwavering despite legal challenges. With a background as a professor and extensive industry experience, his expertise promises to elevate ALIFE AIR's innovation initiatives to new heights.


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Things that we had done successfully

2015 - Vehicle design to ensure road safety - together with Comissioner of Traffic Police
Speaking At 2014 Internation New York times - Future Energy forum
In 2014, A-Bike range of Singapore Made Urban City Scooters was launched.
In 2015, we collaborate with Canada Base Automobile Manufacturer, taking their design and successfully integrating our Zero Emission fuel engine design. A world first design!
In 2015,Collaborating with Dr. Paul Moller to successfull integrate our Scooter design with his design of Rotopower Engine design.
Securing our first Purchase Order for 300 units, for our First Singapore Made Scooter.
Success delivery of First Batch of A-Bike Knight series to PIZZA Hut delivery.
In 2014, Establish Singapore and Regional Full Audited Factory meeting European Union Directive for Small Urban Vehicles Manufacturing

Our Innovation Roadmap

ALIFE AIR Private Limited, based in Singapore with sister operations in China and Malaysia, is revolutionizing urban mobility through advancements in battery technology, DC fast charging stations, and affordable smart vehicles.

Our focus on sustainability and innovation aims to redefine transportation standards, making eco-friendly options accessible to all. With gratitude to our team and partners, we're committed to shaping a cleaner, greener future for all.

Our Current Operation Focus

Sodium Ion Battery


Charging Stations


Small Urban Vehicles



"Introducing the Future of Urban Mobility: ALIFE AIR's Full Electric Cabin Motorcycle - Transforming City Commutes with Innovation and Sustainability!"

  • KBi ("Cabbie") Singapore
  • 70kmh Max Speed
  • 150km Max Range
  • Air Cool/Heater Blower
  • S$ 30,000

    price includes COE
  • Air-Condition System (Optional)
  • QBo - Robot Drive - Map Navigtation only (Optional)
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