ALIFE AIR Innovations : Electrifying Urban Mobility

"Explore the Future of Urban Mobility with ALIFE AIR: Unveiling KBi Cabin Motorcycle, V28 Urban Scooter, and ALF Faster Charging Station - Revolutionizing Your Journey to Sustainable, Zero-Emission Transport Solutions!"


Smart Mobility Unleashed

KBi Vigorous T1 : Urban Intelligence, April 7, 2014

Introducing KBi Vigorous T1, our flagship full electric cabin motorcycle - a pinnacle of smart urban mobility. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Smart City culture, KBi brings innovation to every ride. Embrace sustainable, efficient, and connected travel with KBi - the epitome of intelligent urban transportation. Elevate your journey with the future of electric mobility.


A-Bike presents : V28 Revolution

Redefining Urban Commuting: A-Bike V28 Unleashed!, April 2, 2021

Introducing ALIFE AIR's A-Bike V28: Your Ultimate Urban Companion. Engineered for affordability and convenience, the V28 is a sleek, full electric City Scooter. With a user-friendly design, swappable or fixed battery options, it's your key to sustainable and hassle-free urban commuting. Unleash the future of mobility with V28 – where style meets efficiency!

ALF 150: Pioneering Fast Charging Evolution with Sodium Ion Technology

Unleash the Power of ALF 150: Revolutionizing Fast Charging with ALIFE AIR's Proprietary Sodium Ion Battery Technology. Our DC Fast Charging Station, uniquely designed for standard 13-amp household circuits, accelerates the charging infrastructure revolution. ALF 150 - Empowering Growth, Transforming Urban Mobility, and Charging Ahead in Developing and Developed Markets alike!

Press Releases

  • Image KBi(Cabbie) Singapore
    Commercial Launch - Press Release 2024
  • Image New Market (Indonesia)
    Customer's proud journey - 2023
  • Image Winner of SBR's Award 2021
    Best Manufacturer & Best Designed for 2021
  • Image Europe Major Markets Enteries
    Exciting news: Our entry into major European markets has been a success!

Our Markets for 2024.

Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Vietnam Germany Netherlands Finland Denmark Poland


KBi("Cabbie") Singapore - Commercial Launch

"ALIFE AIR launches KBi 'Vigorous' T1, a game-changing Full Electric Cabin Motorcycle, advancing smart city mobility with cutting-edge technology integration."


New Regional Market (Indonesia)


Winner of SBR's Award 2021


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